A warm welcome to compositestructures.space

A warm welcome to “compositestructures.space” which highlights the latest developments in our ESA project.

The aim of the site is for the partners involved in this project to bring you up to date with progression as it happens.  Thinklaser are very proud to be part of this development programme funded by the European Space Agency, and we will be combining our experience in laser processing with materials development from Tisics.

As public money is funding this project, we are expected to share information with you; the reader.  We hope that we can heighten interest from both the public and academics alike.  We have therefore formulated the site, in the first instance, to provide understandable information containing less jargon and formula.  For those who prefer the jargon and formula format, the opportunity is there to register and gain access to this very easily.

I hope you will understand that sometimes the information may be a little sensitive, and therefore restricted access may have to be enforced.

For now, please join us to find out how things progress.

Adrian Norton, Managing Director, Thinklaser Ltd